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VitIn-Meta is the next-generation of our product. It is under development. Our next-generation of VitIn-Meta will surprise you with a more realistic virtual communication experience in more wonderful 3D places and with more interactive functions! Stay tune!

Is Metaverse the future of communication?

Inside the Metaverse, consumers will not just stay in games and entertainment, but also engage in business, , such as improving collaboration through virtual reality meetings and upgrading people through virtual reality training. Everything that follows has to be visible and interactive, which means the data doesn’t have to be presented in a meaningful way, but has to be accessible.

Virtual VR Event, Meeting and Course Platform That Makes You Feel Connected in Real-life and Boost Participation via Intactive Tools

VR meeting and event

VitIn allows you to run virtual meeting and event with individual or groups in real-time. You will feel more engaged with your people in this 3D 360 degree interactive communication platform.

Training workshop or course

If you need a course running space that will not only provide you with immerse experience, but also explaining tools which allow you and learners to work together in whiteboard and other tools within virtual rooms, VitIn is your right choice.

Create and edit content

VitIn gives you editor tools for you to create or edit the content inside our platform. You can create, edit and publish contents for your meeting, event, or training. You can also import contents to our platform. 

No more distance! Say goodbye to just 2D camera meeting

Whiteboard explanation

Users can participate in whiteboard demostration and use pen to draw their ideas. This make your meeting/course more interactive to boost creativity.
360 degree 3D demostration

Most of the contents can be demonstrated in 3D 360 mode. People will have a vivid view in most of the things they see. This help the whole meeting/event/course more interesting.
Handshake to strengthen relationship

You can make a handshake in your business-purpose meeting to build a more friendly image to start your connection.
Virtual scenes that simulate real places

Even though you don’t walk out the door to go to a museum, historical park, factories, outer-space exhibition, you can access a variety of VR scenes.
Travel cost reduction

It is a good idea to reduce business and education travel cost/expense in VitIn. It allows you to create a meeting and event anytime in interesting places without travel.
Choose and design your own avatar

You can choose your own avatar and his/her clothes to design a favorite character who stands for you.

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