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360 Video experience

A 360-degree movie, also known as a spherical movie or a surround movie, is a movie or video that can display every direction (upward, downward, frontward, backward, leftward, and rightward) at the same time. Using a panoramic camera or an omnidirectional camera to shoot and record, and collecting the records in each direction, can produce such a video.


You can view the 360-degree videos through PC, mobile devices, or dedicated head-mounted displays. The VR headset, which is specially designed for watching VR or watching 360-degree videos, (see our product page.) allows users to stereoscopically watch such videos, which appear to have entered the stereoscopic reality, so it is called virtual reality. Such experience is immersive and three-dimensional, and so called an immersive experience. Thus, a 360-degree movie can also be called an immersive movie.


On a flat screen of a PC or smartphone, 360-degree immersion is not possible. However, you can still click, drag to pan the on-screen display, or use a gyroscope. The Google Cardboard viewer and Samsung Gear VR can also be used in VR-like immersive formats.


You may try to view the following youtube videos by your own device

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