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A large number of 360-degree videos with the theme of “Climate Change” on YouTube can be used with the Metaverse teaching platform to promote environmental education

Yesterday, April 22, was Earth Day. Netizens from all over the world searched for relevant information with the keyword “climate change”.


In recent years, there have been more 360-degree videos on YouTube. When you go to the YouTube website, you only need to enter “360” before and after the keyword, and netizens can see if there are related YouTube videos that are 360-degree. If there is, the word 360° will usually appear below the uploader. If you enter “climate change 360” in English, there will be many.


A 360-degree movie, also known as a spherical movie or a surround movie, is a movie or video that can display every direction (upward, downward, frontward, backward, leftward, and rightward) at the same time. Using a panoramic camera or an omnidirectional camera to shoot and record, and collecting the records in each direction, can produce such a video.


You can view the 360-degree videos through PC, mobile devices, or dedicated head-mounted displays. The VR headset, which is specially designed for watching VR or watching 360-degree videos allows users to stereoscopically watch such videos, which appear to have entered the stereoscopic reality, so it is called virtual reality. Such experience is immersive and three-dimensional, and so called an immersive experience. Thus, a 360-degree movie can also be called an immersive movie.


On a flat screen of a PC or smartphone, 360-degree immersion is not possible. However, you can still click, drag to pan the on-screen display, or use a gyroscope. The Google Cardboard viewer and Samsung Gear VR can also be used in VR-like immersive formats.


Using the virtual reality technology of the Metaverse to create a teaching platform, not only can all 3D modules and 360 videos suitable for various subjects be assembled, but each student has a portrait representing him, and he can enter different teaching situations. Teaching scenes can include large and small classrooms, auditoriums, outdoors, nature, physical rooms, geography rooms, libraries, stadiums, music rooms, art galleries, etc. As you continue to develop, you can even simulate the operation of the business world for business learning. Teachers can appropriately arrange interesting and interactive teaching activities, so that everyone can learn while socializing, and even have special role-playing, such as how to play different occupations in the workshop.


The subject of “climate change” is a subject of general study in primary schools, geography, science, chemistry, biology, etc. in secondary schools, as well as various environmental education subjects. It is necessary for students to go out of school or even abroad to see some live events around the world. Since many related videos have been shot in 360 degrees, on the “Creative Classroom” metaverse teaching platform, students can use VR headsets to experience a three-dimensional immersion, and the scene can be transferred to the 360-degree video for full-screen all-directional playback. , so as to experience some situations in which natural disasters or natural phenomena are damaged due to the impact of climate change, so that students can feel the tragic situation and strengthen their sense of responsibility for protecting the environment.


With the “Motive Classroom” metaverse teaching platform, the teaching aids that could be seen and touched with one’s own eyes during physical classes in the past can be presented on the platform as 3D modules that can be rotated in all directions (up, down, left, right, forward, backward). In the past, the biological anatomy that was only seen by pictures has now become a 360-degree view of the surrounding environment by walking into the human organs in person, which is easier to remember after watching. The universe, which used to be seen only by images, is now like being in space. Geographical or scientific phenomena that were difficult to observe in pictures or flat films in the past are now easier to observe. In the past, I only relied on listening to history lessons, but now I can return to the historical situation as if I really entered a time tunnel.


We hereby invite primary and secondary schools to experiment with a “Motive Classroom” teaching platform in the coming year, to promote teaching in the Metaverse as well as to promote students’ awareness and experience of environmental protection issues.


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